23 July 2020 - Contensis software update

Here's a summary of the features and fixes included in the 23 July 2020 Contensis software update.  


Moving from Contensis R8.3 (on-premises) to Contensis R12.1 (cloud hosted)

We have migrated the external website (https://www.birmingham.ac.uk) and the intranet (https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk) to Zengenti-managed cloud infrastructure. This move brings a number of updates to the underlying software, as well as the associated benefits of being hosted off-site on highly scalable and resiliant cloud infrastructure.

Contensis R12.1 in the cloud - Notes for UoB editors (pdf, 680kb)

CSS and JavaScript

  • Upgrades have been made to the current CSS and JavaScript to ensure we are compatible with our external design agency and development on the website can continue.


Ensure form controls have labels

Work has been carried out so that form controls have labels to ensure users reliant on assistive technologies are able to navigate the site.

Improve navigation for those using assistive technologies

  • We have improved how breadcrumb navigation across the site is formatted to improve usability and navigation for those reliant on assistive technologies.

Horizontal scrolling

  • An issue with the grid CSS was causing horizontal scrolling on small screen mobile devices on some pages of the site. This has now been resolved and helps with accessibility compliance.


Quote with image control

The student quote feature which is found on course pages has now been extracted into its own component which can be added to standard pages and landing pages via a web control. The control can be found in UoB Features > Quotation with Large Image Feature. The fields within the control allow you to add ‘Quotee name’ e.g. ‘Emily Smith’ which will appear in bold underneath the quote and ‘Quotee description’ which can be used to add context such as ‘Mathematics graduate’. The quote text is then added in the ‘Quotation text’ field.

Bug fixes

Clearing banners

  • A bug within the Clearing banners has now been resolved ahead of home clearing.


Professional Services