April and May 2019 - Contensis software update

The April and May 2019 releases have been combined here, as in April we released some of the features below to the preview server only, in preparation for going live with the new course page template. 


  • Course page - fact file text
    The new fact file displays the following fields: Page title (<h1>), course sub-title, start date, duration, UCAS code (UG only), course type, fees and funding summary for fact file, campus (Dubai only)
  • Course page - CTA buttons in fact file
    These are editable via localisation on a global level across all courses of the same academic level. We have different versions available for UG, PG and Dubai, with the buttons omitted for MOOCs and Intercalated. 
  • Course page - Apply button in fact file
    This is editable via the course page template, with options for linking to a specified link (apply URL), the 'how to apply' accordion (this must be populated for this option to work), a specific course in SITS (PG admissions), and for removing the button altogether (none). 
  • Course page - course USP
    This appears at the top of every 'course details' tab, and uses the 'Overview - course USP' field
  • Course page - course details tab
    This tab displays the following text fields: course USP, course summary, course overview, why study this course, second course summary. 
  • Course page - student quote
    This appears on the course details tab and displays the following fields: Quotee name, quotee description, quotation and quotee image large. The image is optional, but the old 'quotee image' field will not display. 
  • Course page - accordions on course details tab
    The following fields appear as accordions on the course details tab: Modules, fees and funding, additional course costs and how to apply. 
  • Course page - key information about this course
    This section appears across all UG course pages, and is editable via a localisation, globally across all UG course pages. The Unistats widget does not appear on BIA courses. 
  • Course page - promo buttons
    These appear on the course details tab and are editable via a localisation on a global level across all course pages of different academic levels. We have different promo buttons for UG, PGT, PGR, PGR & PGT and Dubai. Summer School and MOOC courses do not have promos. 
  • Course page - contact strip
    These are editable via different routes:
    • All headings - editable via localisation
    • Call us - displays 'telephone enquiries description' and uses 'telephone enquires' field with automatic click to call feature
    • Email us - displays 'email contact description' and uses 'email enquiries' field with mailto link
    • Web chats - displays 'web chat description' and uses 'web chat URL' field for the link
    • Register for updates - editable via localisation and customisable by academic level
    • The contact strip does not appear on MOOCs
  • Course page - entry requirements strip
    This appears at the top of the entry requirements tab, and uses the following fields: Typical offer, information about typical offer, typical IB offer, information about IB typical offers, BTEC allowed and information about BTEC offers. This only appears on UG courses. 
  • Course page - entry requirements information
    This appears underneath the entry requirements strip and displays the following fields: Number of A-levels required, typical offer, required subjects and grades, additional information for entry requirements, entry requirements and international students.
  • Course page - teaching and assessment tab
    This displays the following fields in the main text: Learning and teaching, contact hours (creates a new <h3> heading), assessment methods (creates a new <h3> heading), teaching and assessment quotation, teaching and assessment quotee, teaching and assessment quote image OR teaching and assessment quote YouTube video.
  • Course page - teaching and assessment year accordions
    These are optional and display all fields from the 'learning and teaching by year' section of the template. Description text for contact hours, examination percentage and coursework percentage is editable via localisation, globally across all UG course pages. 
  • Course page - employability tab
    This displays all fields in the 'employability' and 'employability quotation' sections. 
  • Course page - research tab
    This appears instead of 'teaching and assessment' on PGR courses (course type = doctoral research) and displays all fields within the 'research' section of the template.


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