11 January 2023 - Contensis software update

Here are the features and fixes included in the latest website release on Wednesday 11 January 2023. 

New features

Content types and entries (applies to /news /study and /jobs sections)

  • News listing images (on news article, news landing and news listing pages) - if these are video articles, they now include a video duration next to the play icon. This is taken automatically from YouTube. 
  • News landing page - horizontal scrolling on mobile in the Birmingham Brief section has been removed. These articles are now stacked vertically in a list. 
  • News article - this can now display Quest branding above the news article title. To add this, add 'Quest' as a news campaign tag and select 'featured layout'. 
  • News landing page - a Quest branded section can now be added to the page. To add this, add the news campaign 'Quest' to the 'featured items' section. Make sure the Quest news campaign has 'branded content' switched on. 
  • Image with text component - the requirement to add a heading to this component has been removed. If no heading is supplied, the heading is removed from the code. 
  • External link content type - telephone numbers can now be added, in addition to URLs. This means you can add a click to call link to any button on the site. 
  • News landing page, news article 'Related News' section, news listing page - the images served are now the maximum size required for the device, so should load more quickly on mobiles and smaller screens. 
  • Archived news article, archived news listing - new content types now exist for archiving news articles. Over the next few weeks, we will be moving older news articles (pre-2021) into the archived news article format, and creating a separate search page for these. Archived news articles will still be live on the site and will look the same as standard news articles, with an additional 'archived' tag at the top to alert the user. 

Contensis Classic (applies to rest of site)

  • Staff profiles - the 'view more publications on research portal' link (in 'Publications' accordion) now links directly to the relevant 'research outputs' on the Research Portal, rather than the profile overview. 
  • Postgraduate course pages - the banner at the top of all pages has been removed

Bug fixes

Content types and entries

  • Pagination 'previous' text - this has been darkened, to ensure sufficient colour contrast for accessibility

Contensis Classic

  • None


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