Creating sustainable, affordable pet prosthetic solutions  


Founder(s) name: Aldi Mehmeti 

Aldi Mehmeti A3DP

Company Name: A3DP 

Industry Sector: Sustainability | Healthcare | Social Impact 

My Story: My degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and a PhD in Hybrid/Additive Manufacturing from the University of Birmingham were the driving forces and inspiration behind A3DP. 

Company Mission: A3DP is a health tech startup based in Birmingham with a mission to transform food packaging and footwear waste into Prosthetics and Orthotics for animals. I recognise that animals are born runners, and my goal is to help animals with physical impairments or functional limitations, regain their ability to run. As A3DP, I create high-value, sustainable, custom-made prosthetic solutions that are up to 5 times more affordable compared to the traditional counterparts. I have already designed, fabricated, and validated the first version of full front limbs, sold Orthotic-like products to pet professionals, and garnered substantial interest in the sector. 

Next Phase: A3DP is currently at the pre-seed and MVP stage, focusing on establishing close collaborations with vets and increasing visibility in the market. 

Get Involved: We are actively seeking to reach out to more vets and health professionals. I am looking for initial investments to build the next generation of prosthetics using innovative materials, seeking investment in the range of £30,000 to £45,000 to scale production and conduct research on innovative materials for prosthetics.  

Reach Out: To explore potential collaborations or to provide leads and contacts in the veterinary and healthcare industry, please reach out to me at A3DP. I am seeking investment to scale production and conduct research on innovative materials for prosthetics.  

Contact details

Email: a3dprototyping@gmail.com 

LinkedIn: Dr Aldi Mehmeti's LinkedIn profile 

Instagram: a3dpets_uk on Instagram  



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