Proton Health

Proton Health is a digital health app using patient reported data, machine learning and personalised coaching to predict and prevent eczema flare ups. As a team of clinicians and eczema patients, they’re determined to tackle this problem for the 550 million sufferers across the globe. Backed by leading healthcare accelerators, institutions and academic partnerships, Proton Health is building the future of dermatology clinics. 

Our story:

Proton Health was born from the frustrations of UoB Graduates Dr Haroon Ahmad, Dr Noreen Akram and Dr Niall Jawad. As lifelong eczema patients, they’d become disillusioned with the management of their eczema and other chronic conditions. In particular, they’d had enough of the uncertainty with the cause of their eczema, the worry about their next flare up, and ineffective treatment approaches.​

They started at medical school, but are now a team of doctors, senior technology leaders and designers, that have all been impacted by the condition. And they’re backed by the best, from some of the leading dermatologists, digital health leaders and universities across the country. 

Proton Health's full stack solution makes managing eczema simpler. The product generates digital biomarkers to predict and influence flare ups, delivers personalised skincare regimes and ultimately will create an autonomous eczema clinician. Their mission is to deliver the most customer-centric, end to end and empowering solution for patients with eczema and other long term conditions. 

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