Mythos Media Productions Ltd

Mythos Media Productions Ltd is a media company specialising in content around the brain and brain sciences.

The start-up has been created by University of Birmingham postgraduate Wilf Nelson who has attracted a global following through its weekly podcasts Think Fast and Brains Talking about Brains along with yearly releases of WaterCooler Neuroscience.  Wilf when asked about his shows said 'We bring you the real conversations scientists are having and then show you how to understand and engage with true neuroscience'


Our story:

WaterCooler Neuroscience, now WaterCooler.FM, was made to bring people conversations between scientists in the way scientists naturally talk about science. Scientists don’t talk in soundbites and almost never give advice on how to live your life but that is how many shows present science communication. WaterCooler.FM instead presents you content that is never dumbed down but asks for your time in showing what true Psychology and Neuroscience looks like from some of the best labs in the world.

The network has now grown from only 3 listeners in the UK on release to be in the top 6 neuroscience shows worldwide in 2020 (according to feedspot) and now to being the 5th biggest neuro podcast in the world (WELP Magazine, 2021). One of our key aims is taking the brand that has already been built and create a new sister company which allows for corporate and academic scientists to engage with each other's work more. Scientists around the world train and work to the same standard of replicable open science but there is no forum or association openly accepting scientists from both sides of the scientific divide.

Regarding Mythos itself I am looking to expand the business’ reach by finding new partners both with the Mythos Media advertising and partnership arms of the business. The show has an excellent reach and a strong core following and we want to bring that to our work with new parties. We have already worked with international renowned institutions and are looking to continue this in 2022 and beyond.

We are looking for a company/individual to partner with as the membership plan has been developed and content producers and website infrastructure has been planned out. What we need is a managerial/executor arm to the business to promote sales, marketing and the general administrative duties so the content producers coming over from the podcast network can focus on their strengths. This plan is ongoing throughout 2021 and aimed for release in 2022 so a collaborative partner we can work with through Q4 2021/ Q1 of 2022 is ideal.

If you’ve got this far and want to know a little about me, Wilf Nelson, I am trained as both a Psychologist and a Neuroscientist. I was training to be a lawyer before I became a scientist but wanted to work in a field where there clear results and at the end of the day we could say ‘I built that’. I guess working as a business owner that hasn’t gone away but only gotten stronger. I also paint in my spare time and prefer landscapes when I paint digitally and abstracts when I paint physically.


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