XPG Media

XPG Media are a creative agency who provide clients with digital marketing services that help them grow and generate sales. The business was founded by Beadonay Kamal and includes a marketing team and in-house video production team who develop marketing strategies and create engaging media.

XPG Media is a start-up based at The Exchange

Beadonay Kamal's story:

Our inspiration came from working on video campaigns for start-ups which helped us realise how much businesses relied on engaging content to grow and hit their required targets.

I want to learn how to structure and grow my business so I can make it as successful as it can be.

My background is in film. I like to be involved in all the processes required to make film. I also love technology and gaming and also entrepreneurship.

Find out more:

Email: Hello@xpg.media

LinkedIn: Beadonay Kamal's LinkedIn profile



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