Go laze for a while when you're tired!

KOAZY Home is a start-up created by University of Birmingham co-founders Guangyu Shi and (Ray) Ruixin Tong. The pair met whilst studying for an MBA in 2021 and they have developed a brand offering home furnishing products to the UK market. 

We want to be the creative home furnishing brand that understands lazy people best. Koala's Laziness conveys the attitude of living in the moment and enjoying a slower pace of life. Our goal is to disrupt the industry with creative products and bring a lazy and relaxed lifestyle to people. The brand is not just about making pillows, cushions, or other home furnishings, but about embedding the 'Koala spirit' into every aspect of our business. We want to bring a lazy and slow-paced lifestyle to a wider market.

Koazy Home and Furniture

Their story:

Ray: Since being diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, I have discovered the importance of living a healthy and comfortable life. Creating more comfortable pillows, mattresses, and other home furnishings will not only give me a more comfortable choice but will also allow more people to have a more comfortable life. Speaking to the strengths, my extensive experience in starting e-commerce businesses has made me very familiar with going from zero to one. I have been involved in every step of the process of business creation, from product development to the final sale. I know how to build a team to accommodate the subsequent growth of the business. 

Guangyu: All stories began with the first chat with Ray, since we are all MBA candidates of UoB. As a new mother, I struggled to locate a pillow that was both breathable and kind to a child’s head shape, Ray brought his product to me then I found my kid enjoyed it so much, which inspired me to bring such innovative products to as many people as possible, as well as motivated me to make it commercially accessible. 

Eight years of experience working at an international corporation has equipped me with three valuable skills. Project Management, Business Development, and strategic partnership negotiation. These abilities were proven by the year-on-year increasing pressure in financial results till the accomplishment of the financial figure of US$5.8M net profit for the year 2021 with an average net margin of 15% prior to participating the MBA program.

The Exchange will enable us to develop the brand and expand the business. We are excited to join a network of recent UoB graduates, interns and possible investors. We hope to

  1. Investigate market prospects to increase product sales and brand recognition by collaboration with other channels.
  2. Look for possibilities to approach possible investors for outside investment.
  3. Develop a comprehensive awareness of the local market, business environment, customer habits, and preferences. We are also looking to hire interns in the near future.

We are open to investment opportunities. Based on the financial projection, the initial investment should be £64,002. The major cost for Year 1 is around £446,891, including raw materials procurement, manufacturing and shipment.


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