Bored Wreckers Inc

Bored Wreckers Inc. is a board game design start-up created by University of Birmingham graduate David Pettifer.

Bored Wreckers’ first game, Drags 2 Riches, is a drag queen themed deck-builder which aims to address the lack of representation and inclusion of LGBTQ+ themes in the tabletop industry. We’re now expanding our product range with an exciting new game coming soon.


David Pettifer

Whilst playing games with friends from the LGBTQ+ community it became clear that there was nothing in the way of overt representation for LGBTQ+ characters and themes across tabletop gaming. I then had an idea about a drag themed card game, where players could build up their wardrobes of different look cards (Hair, Heels, Outfits) and play them in winning combinations to win events across the drag circuit. And so, Drags 2 Riches the fiercest game in herstory was born!

Since then, I have raised over £10k in crowdfunding, allowing me to put the game into full production and now I’m looking to get the game into national retailers and promote and sell the product at international tabletop gaming conventions.


I currently use The Exchange as my base of operations from which to work on my marketing activity and plans, collaborate and network with other businesses, and develop my entrepreneurial skillset. Through the Elevate programme I have also been able to employ two incredible interns who have been instrumental in driving the growth of the business and helping us achieve crowdfunding success, and I will be looking to create more opportunities for students in the coming year.

I'm currently looking to raise £25k for commercialisation and market penetration of the product at scale, as well as towards new product development.

Drags 2 Riches is just the first in a planned line of products within the Drags 2 Riches ecosystem which will include a cooperative version of the game, expansion packs and other peripheral products. Currently I’m working on an exciting new IP which will be launching in the coming months.


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