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Innovative spatial design to enhance the lives of autistic individuals and their families.

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Founder(s) name: Khaldoon Bani Ali 

Company Name: Neuro Space Khaldoon Bani Ali

Industry Sector: Healthcare | Tech  

My Story: As a Computer Neuroscience graduate, I understand the unique spatial needs of autistic individuals.  By using groundbreaking technology that integrates AI, neuroscience insights, and VR; Neuro Space records brain responses to different environments. I want to use this data to create spatial designs specifically for autistic individuals. 

Company Mission: Neuro Space's mission is to revolutionise spatial design to enhance the lives of autistic individuals and their families. We are dedicated to creating spaces that truly understand and empower those with autism. 

Next Phase: Having completed successful pilot studies and finalising our core technology, we are focused on scaling up and achieving critical milestones. We aim to expand our network within the UK's healthcare and tech sectors, refine our business model and market strategy, working towards securing funding to enhance AI algorithms and VR technology. Our goal is to become a leader in providing personalised design solutions for individuals with autism, starting in the UK. 

Get Involved: Neuro Space is actively seeking investment to fuel the next stage of development. This investment will support technology development, market validation, team expansion, marketing and sales, and operational costs. We are open to partnerships, mentorship, and collaboration within the healthcare and tech sectors. 

Reach Out: If you are inspired by our mission and wish to be part of the journey, please reach out to us.  

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