Making learning as enjoyable as playing a game.


Founder(s) name: Ben Ward & Jonathan Graham 

Company Name: StudyStash Jonathan GrahamBen Ward

Industry sector: EdTech | AI-Driven Tech 

Our story: We are Jonathan and Ben, two Computer Science students passionate about transforming education into an exciting adventure. Our driving force is to create a real impact in the education sector and to make learning as fun as playing a game. 

Company Mission: StudyStash, our AI-driven EdTech start-up, is on a mission to redefine education. With over 30 gamification features, StudyStash offers students an engaging platform to revise, track progress, and prepare for exams. 

Next Phase: StudyStash is currently onboarding customers, expanding the team, and continuing to revolutionise the way students revise and prepare for exams, making learning as fun as a game. 

Get Involved: We welcome you to join our learning revolution as we expand and make education more enjoyable and effective. Together, we'll build a brighter future. Contacts in institutions such as boarding schools or any other opportunities are also warmly welcomed. At StudyStash, we're poised to turn education into an exciting adventure. Together, let's make learning as enjoyable as playing a game. 

Reach Out: Website at or connect with us on TikTok 

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