Destination Dog

Destination Dog is an online retailer of bespoke pet grooming products created by founder Hannah Osei, inspired by her dog Zeus. The business is rooted with a family connection with Hannah's siblings Matthew Osei and Naomi Osei completing the trio behind the brand.

Destination Dog is a start-up based at The Exchange in Birmingham


Why we created Destination Dog:

When Zeus’ various health challenges demonstrated to us the importance of using natural, organic ingredients to improve and maintain his health, we turned to creating our own topical treatments for him so that we knew exactly what was going onto his skin. After seeing a positive difference, we continued to research more natural alternatives and found so many other pet owners were having the same problems and looking for the same answers. As a family, we therefore created Destination Dog, a sustainable dog care brand that puts Pets and their Planet above all!

What have we done:

Our current product range includes our unscented 'Perfect Paws’ Paw Balm, ‘Vanity Fur’ Soft Linen Dog Cologne and a ‘Ruff Day’ Shampoo bar made with Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils. Two of the three products are manufactured in-house while the manufacturing of the third has been outsourced to a company whose brand is in line with our values. When designing our business model, we decided on two ways our customers can enjoy our products that would appropriate our brand values: one-off purchases, and a ‘monthly pup-scription’ (adjustable for usage time and dog size). These shopping options are available on our website. As well as completing our web design, we have carried out the first steps of our marketing strategy, including PR packages, content shoots and paid social media advertisements.


Our shop opens from 1 December 2021. You can contact us at

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