Karter helps companies hire student developers in universities to help them build their products. We help students earn and build work experience through practical projects and we help businesses work and identify tomorrow's best engineers. The business is founded by Theoretical Physics graduate Bogdan Agrici.

Bogdan Agrici

Bogdan's story:

During my last year of university, I co-founded a student-run consulting firm that provided software engineering services. With time, we built a solid team of students and worked on several projects. We figured out that a lot of businesses and other universities are interested in what we offered and this is how Karter was born. Replicating what was done throughout the United Kingdom.

By working at The Exchange, we will be able to assist the other start-ups in our cohort with our services and spread technical knowledge in the community. My future aspirations is expanding into more universities in order to provide to even more students with amazing projects.

I am currently looking for investors in order to fund our technical infrastructure. We build applications on our hosting accounts and then provide maintenance services to our clients which brings upfront costs that we need to cover. We funding we will be able to also fund the development of our platform that helps businesses connect with our network and manage their projects. While we have the technical capabilities to build it, we would not need to hire developers but there are other development related costs that need covering.


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