Using AI to transform migrant workforce management.workaverse

Founder(s) name: Tanaka Mazonde Tanaka Mazonde

Company Name: Workerverse 

Industry Sector: HR Tech | Workforce Management 

My Story: Workerverse is an AI-powered HR tool created to streamline foreign workforce management. It was inspired by the transformative impact of migration, driven by Brexit-induced skilled worker shortages, and aims to enhance social integration, productivity, and staff retention. 

Company Mission: Workerverse's mission is to transform migrant workforce management with AI. We aim to facilitate the benefits of migration while addressing the challenges that come with it. Our platform will empower companies to manage their foreign workforce more efficiently and effectively. 

Next Phase: With six early adopters, Workerverse is on the path to refinement and expansion. We are actively seeking valuable partnerships and investment opportunities to take our transformative HR management tool to new heights. 

Get Involved: We welcome collaborations, partnerships, and investments to further our mission.  

Reach Out: To explore potential collaborations or to learn more about Workerverse, please connect with us. 

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