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Founder(s) name: Alexander Watkins 

Company Name: NuZones Alexander Watkins

Industry Sector: Sports | Tech 

My Story: After working a summer in the French Alps and struggling to find other people to ride bikes with, I searched for a product that was easier to use than a simple Facebook group and would aid me in building my crew. Unfortunately, nothing came from my search, so NuZones was born. I am now working to create a global community of cyclists by providing a ride planning service and various events within the NuZones product line. 

Company Mission: To build a global community of individual adventure sports enthusiasts, helping them build their crew and discover new zones. 

Next Phase: Organising the NuTags race series for 2024 across Scotland is a current priority. This in turn will help build a more recognised community across the UK and develop relationships with industry brands to fund the NuZones mobile application. 

Get Involved: If anyone wants to get involved with NuZones, the best way is to use our website, find local riding groups and spread the word about how useful it can be to build your crew. Watch out on our social media channels for information on the events taking place in 2024 as this is a brand-new concept within the cycling industry, and a fun way for beginners and experts to showcase their talents. 

Reach Out: My contact details are below, and I am always down to have a chat and learn from others. 

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