Consultancy deploying innovative AI to build digital applications and platforms solutions. 

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Founder(s) name: Ivan Tsoninski, Mircea-Andrei Radu 

Company Name: Omnibox Solutions Mircea-Andrei Radu

Industry Sector: AI Driven Tech | Technology & Software 

Our Story: In 2020, we embarked on our entrepreneurial journey with a passion for technology and innovation. We initially ventured into game development and successfully launched our first commercial product, a video game named "Reckless." Building on this experience, we transitioned to the blockchain space, where we created various financial products and platforms. 

Company Mission: Omnibox Solutions is dedicated to enhancing business efficiency across the board. Our focus lies in identifying operational bottlenecks within businesses, both on the internal and customer-facing fronts. We then design and implement cutting-edge digital solutions to eliminate these bottlenecks. Our mission is to empower business owners to optimise their operations, deliver more effective products and services, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage. We firmly believe that businesses that effectively embrace technology will thrive, while those that fail to do so will fall behind. 

Next Phase: Our services encompass free consultations, MVP development, building digital applications and platforms, and deploying innovative AI solutions. We are committed to driving efficiency and innovation in businesses, no matter their industry. 

Get Involved: We are eager to expand our client base and build a robust network of contacts and business partners. Your expertise, insights, and industry connections can be instrumental in our mission to help businesses thrive through technology adoption. 

Reach Out: To explore potential collaborations or to learn more about Omnibox Solutions, you can connect with us through our website.

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