Buckt is the UK's only tickets & activities subscription service. Every month subscribers receive 5 mystery tickets to top attractions and activities in their region. From axe throwing to alpaca walking, rage rooms to restaurants, subscribers receive actual tickets (not discount nor recommendations), and they can complete all of them at no extra cost. 

The business currently has around 4000 subscribers, over 600 partners and operates in Greater Birmingham, London, Greater Manchester and Liverpool and Merseyside. The business was created by University of Birmingham alumnus Daniel Bridgewater.

Over the next 6 months, the business will developing a new app, expanding into 3 new regions and dramatically increasing their subscriber numbers. The business is looking to raise £300,000 to help them take a step towards reaching their ambitions of being an internationally-established B2C brand.

Buckt is a start-up created by Daniel Bridgewater which offers bucket list style events.

Our story:

My former partner and I would waste hours upon hours scrolling on our phones trying to find fun, unique and affordable things to do each weekend. We would search poorly put together articles and websites that were crammed full of rubbish options and low-quality businesses. This repeated weekly event frustrated me and got my entrepreneurial brain thinking about how I could solve this. We broke up and, in a pretty low state, I decided to write a bucket list: a list of things I'd always wanted to do but never had the chance. The writing of this bucket list was quite a cathartic experience and made me realise that one day I would be doing all of these incredible things and would - at that point - be in a 'better' place. It was a combination of these two things - the problem of not being able to find fun things to do at the weekend and a bucket list - that eventually lead to Buckt 



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