Lahab is a careers service start-up founded by University of Birmingham Law graduate Oluwatofunmi Labiyi. The business helps individuals and staff in organisations optimise their career path based on their interests, data mining of job profiles and providing a premier coaching service.

Oluwatofunmi Labiyi is the founder of start-up business Lahab

Oluwatofunmi's story:

Throughout my university degree I got to mentor and advise students on how to achieve their academic goals. I have always being passionate about personal development and helping people to learn better. From coaching students and speaking to other young professionals the biggest question we have on our minds is, 'how do we maximise our impact?'

It is said we spend 80,000 hours on our career, how do we give ourselves the best opportunity to have a positive impact on the world? What sort of career do we choose? There are global trends that affect our level of impact and what careers individuals can choose. For example due to a shift in the division of labour between humans and machines old jobs are being displaced and new roles are being created. How can we tap into these skills gaps?

Having an AI based approach is the key to tap into these changes and opportunities in real time as they open and develop; it will help both individuals, organisations and institutions be the first to adapt to change. Lahab's focus is helping individuals, employees in organisations and institutions to find an optimised career path using data science, AI and coaching.

I really look forward to have the opportunity to be a part of this inspiring community at UoB Elevate. To have a community of entrepreneurs to learn from and also to support as we grow our ventures and provide each other with the necessary accountability to fulfill our full potential as founders.

We are currently looking for £50,000 investment for the MVP AI platform, web services and marketing experiments. 


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