AI-powered software streamlining lesson planning.

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Founder(s) name: Ikum Kandola 

Company Name: Teachify Ikum Kandola

Industry Sector: EdTech | Technology & Software 

My Story: Teachify brings a unique combination of my firsthand teaching experience and a computer science background. This fusion of knowledge and expertise serves as the foundation for a groundbreaking approach to lesson planning through artificial intelligence (AI). 

Company Mission: Teachify is on a mission to empower teachers and transform the educational landscape. Our AI-powered software streamlines lesson preparation by generating tailored resources, alleviating the administrative burden and enabling educators to dedicate more time to inspiring and educating students. We are deeply rooted in the understanding of teaching from personal experience and complement this with advanced computer science know-how. 

Next Phase: Teachify has successfully completed its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and is now poised to initiate a pilot study to gain visibility and customers. We are looking to engage with our target market, primarily secondary schools, to extend our assessment of the market potential.  

Get Involved: We are actively seeking to connect with individuals and organisations in the education sector, including schools and headteachers. We are planning to seek investment in the future, making this an ideal time to start those early discussions. 

Reach Out: To explore potential collaborations or to learn more about Teachify, you can visit our website

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Email: admin@teachifyuk.com  

LinkedIn: Ikum Kandola's LinkedIn profile


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