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A smart treadmill improving fitness and rehabilitation services.

Neuro Mill

Founder(s) name: Mohamed Maaroufi 

Company Name: Neuromill Innovation Mohamed Maaroufi

Industry sector: Healthcare | Wellbeing | Technology & Software 

My story: I am a Computational Neuroscientist with a background in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. I have co-authored academic publications and possess experience in research and development in the field of neurological disorder rehabilitation. 

Company Mission: Neuromill Innovation's vision is to enhance the lives of millions of patients and improve their rehabilitation outcomes. We believe that our smart treadmill can help patients regain mobility and independence more swiftly than traditional rehabilitation methods. Additionally, our innovative treadmill will cater to fitness and gaming enthusiasts. Our mission is to establish ourselves as a leading provider of intelligent systems for fitness, entertainment, and rehabilitation solutions for patients with neurological disorders. We are determined to revolutionise the delivery of fitness and rehabilitation services. 

Next phase: Neuromill Innovation requires both space and funds to develop our prototype. Patenting and navigating the challenging IP landscape in the MedTech field is another significant hurdle. We are seeking financial support to create our first MVP, a lightweight version of our product that showcases our innovative approach. Developing this MVP is estimated to cost £15,000 and will cover expenses related to electronic and mechanical engineering, frontend/backend cloud computing services, and other associated costs. 

Get Involved: We are actively seeking funding and a space to build our first MVP. Support with regulations and patenting options is also crucial given the complexities of the product, which combines various highly regulated technologies. We would greatly appreciate connecting with physiotherapists or professionals in rehabilitation. 

Reach Out: If you're interested in supporting our mission and becoming part of our exciting journey, please contact us. Together, we can make a significant impact on the rehabilitation and wellbeing of patients with neurological disorders while offering a new level of fitness and entertainment to enthusiasts. 

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