Cosimo Art

Cosimo Art is a platform created by John Sewell which allows artists to sell directly to the people who love their work. The business does not charge commission fees making art more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Cosimo Art is a start-up created by John Sewell

Our Story:

I founded Cosimo back in 2018 following my experiences working in art galleries and with artists while studying for my History of Art degree. I had seen the negative impact of commission fees on both artists and their buyers, and felt that there must be another way of doing things - which worked for everyone involved! I saw the growth of businesses like PurpleBricks and eToro, working on 0% commission in other fields, and thought it could be applied to art. I launched the business, and we have now helped sell thousands of pounds worth of art, to hundreds of collectors; as well as working closely with artists to develop their skills and grow their businesses. 

I have been fortunate enough to have had a number of experiences now at Start-Up accelerators and I have always found that the connections with other entrepreneurs are one of the most invaluable aspects of any such programme. I can't wait to learn from the rest of the cohort and hopefully do my bit to help everyone else along their journeys too. I'm also looking forward to working in the new incubator space, and building connections with other partners and businesses in the city centre.

In January 2023 Cosimo raised £129k in crowdfunding from over 150 investors via Seedrs.



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