Happy Autistic Lady

Purpose-driven venture creating products that celebrate neurodiversity. 

Happy AL

Founder(s) name: Iveta and Veronika Pudilova Iveta Pudilova

Company Name: Happy Autistic Lady 

Industry Sector: Social Impact | E-Commerce | Wellbeing 

Our Story: Iveta and Veronika, are the dynamic duo behind Happy Autistic Lady. We bring a combination of creativity and a profound passion for Autism advocacy. Iveta, a Computer Science graduate, and Veronika, an advocate for the Autistic community, joined forces to create a brand that empowers and uplifts people with invisible disabilities. 

Company Mission: Happy Autistic Lady is a purpose-driven venture committed to empowering Autistic individuals. We merge creativity with inclusivity by offering unique products such as communication badges, stickers, and self-help workbooks. These products are designed to celebrate neurodiversity and contribute to making the world a more accommodating place for everyone. 

Next Phase: Happy Autistic Lady is in the early stages, with our initial products launched and generating revenue. Our mission is to create a more inclusive world by providing bespoke neurodiversity badges to universities, and in the future, corporations. These badges serve as powerful symbols of support for neurodiversity, fostering inclusive environments while also presenting marketing opportunities. However, our primary challenge lies in establishing contacts with key decision-makers within these organisations. 

Get Involved: We are actively seeking contacts at Birmingham's universities, special needs schools, and corporations. Our goal is to connect with decision-makers who share our vision of showcasing support for disability inclusion and the well-being of neurodivergent individuals. If you have recommendations or contacts within such organisations, we welcome the opportunity to connect and collaborate in our mission to create more inclusive environments. 

Reach Out: To explore potential collaborations or to learn more about Happy Autistic Lady, you can visit our website: Happy Autistic Lady or connect with us on Instagram: Happy Autistic Lady Instagram

Contact Details: 

Web: https://www.happyautisticlady.com/ 

Email: iveta.pudil@gmail.com 


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