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Founder(s) name: Harjeevan Kang Photo of Harjeevan Kang

Company Name: Overgo Games 

Industry Sector: Entertainment 

My Story: Overgo Games finds its roots in innovation and a passion for creating captivating entertainment experiences. As a board game enthusiast, I envisioned a game that seamlessly blended strategy and adventure for players of all ages and skill levels. Driven by prevalent gameplay challenges — be they complexity, length, or catch-up difficulties — I took it upon myself to create my own board game!

Next Phase: Overgo Games is at an advanced stage of development, with the product completed, a prototype in hand, and preparations underway for a Kickstarter launch. 

Company Mission: At Overgo Games, we invite you to step into the future of entertainment. We're here to redefine the world of play by bidding farewell to dull and repetitive gaming experiences. Our flagship creation, the "Weird Wacky Wonderful World" board game, offers an unbeatable gameplay experience that is exciting, strategic, and deeply immersive. It's an opportunity to connect with friends and family of all ages, embarking on an adventure like no other. 

Get Involved: We are actively seeking partners for logistics (manufacturing and global distribution), marketing (crowdfunding campaigns), and app development (mobile board game).

Reach Out: To explore potential collaborations or to learn more about Overgo Games, you can connect with us: @OvergoGames

Contact Details

Email: harjeevanenterprise@gmail.com 

Linkedin: Harjeevan's LinkedIn Profile 


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