Zebon Ltd

An educational AR app for museums 



Founder(s) name: Jamie Thornton Jamie Thornton

Company Name: Zebon 

Industry Sector: AR | Technology & Software | EdTech

My Story: I am focused on innovative applications of augmented reality (AR) to change the way we look at the world. I am an Economics graduate with a passion for history and museums, as well as travelling, motor racing, and flying.  

Company Mission: Zebon is on a mission to bring the past back to life using augmented reality. We are working to create a platform that allows museums to show their visitors how artefacts really looked, back in the day. This is the closest we’ll get to time travel (at least into the past!). 

Next Phase: Zebon is currently seeking funding and preparing an app for a pilot study. 

Get Involved: Zebon is seeking to connect with museums, archaeological sites and national trust sites. We are also looking to acquire funding as we progress towards our pilot study.

Reach out: Connect with us on LinkedIn (Zebon Ltd). 

Reach Out: To explore potential collaborations or to learn more about Zebon Ltd, you can connect with us on LinkedIn.

Contact Details: Please reach out to us at: zebonuk@gmail.com 



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