Zebon Ltd

Zebon is an Augmented Reality (AR) business looking to implement AR in a variety of new applications. I am specifically interested in using it to change people's perspectives - and I believe the application of AR in museums is a good way to do this whilst also aligning with my values.

Jamie Thornton

Jamie's story:

I have always had a keen interest in cars and motorsport, as well as new tech, so after a long time of adventuring with my hobbies and interests I developed this idea. My idea for Zebon started from working on radio controlled cars and encorporating Augnmented Reality (AR). I started to make AR content and could see different ways of using the technology in different scenarios.

I spend a lot of time in museums and I also do a lot of travelling. Working from The Exchange, I hope to turn my business plan into a working reality and excited to build my networking and find out about other exciting ideas from the programme.


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