A digital marketing agency helping British brands expand into the Chinese market.


Founder(s) name: Kaili Zhu & Yuanfang Shen 
Company Name: FunC social media Kaili Zhu
Industry sector: Digital Marketing | Creative Services 
Our Story: We are Kaili and Yuanfang, a dynamic duo driven by a shared passion for creativity and innovation. Kaili brings 3 years of experience in social media marketing in both the UK and China markets, while Yuanfang is a talented photographer and videographer with 3 years of experience in recruiting and company administration. 
Company Mission: FunC social media is a digital creative agency based in Birmingham with the mission to help British brands expand into the Chinese market through innovative visual content created to specifically target Chinese consumers. 
Next Phase: We are currently expanding our proposition to allow easy market entry for those clients with budget constraints. By building our social media presence we will be able to provide cost effective ways for these companies to reach these valuable consumers.  
Get Involved: We warmly invite you to be part of our creative and cultural movement. Join us as we expand and make cross-cultural engagement more enjoyable and effective. We are particularly keen to connect with individuals and organisations who can help us in various aspects of our journey. Whether you have the resources to invest in our mission, the industry insights and network to form valuable connections, or the experience to provide essential mentorship in company management and problem-solving. Your involvement can play a pivotal role in helping us overcome challenges, create innovative content, and strengthen our position in the industry. Join us on this exciting adventure of cultural exchange and creative excellence. 
Reach Out: To learn more about FunC social media and explore potential collaborations, you can connect on LinkedIn or follow us on TikTok.

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LinkedIn: Kaili Zhu's LinkedIn profile
TikTok: @funcbham


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