Meditask is a start-up created by University of Birmingham graduate Aakash Rai which aims to revolutionise medical education, whilst simultaneously improve the working conditions of clinicians.

Meditask provides a digital first platform for the recording of clinical skills, using new technologies to aid verification. Furthermore, it helps streamline and increase efficiency of workflows for clinicians and students.

Aakash Rai is founder of Meditask

Aakash's story

As a medical student I often wasted many hours searching for clinical skills opportunities, often being at the wrong place at the wrong time. As a doctor, I was overwhelmed with the amount of clinical skills required but found it hard to find medical students who could help. I therefore decided a bridge was needed to help aid this disconnect and also make the process easier to connects doctors with medical students.

I have developed a wireframe of the idea which demonstrates the functionality. I also have been accepted onto the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Scheme which aids in implementing innovation within the NHS and allows networking with key stakeholders.

I am excited to join the exchange programme. I will use the funding to help further develop the mobile application to allow partnerships with medical students. Furthermore, using the office space will allow us to make tangible strides forward in the business. I will tap into the expert mentorship and join a community of like minded individuals.

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