Planbuk is a start-up created by Suraj Santhosh Kumar which aims to give users more control over their online experience with tailored ads.


Suraj's story

On a global scale people spend about 147 mins everyday on social networking sites. Back in the 1970s an average person would have seen 500-1600 advertisements per day. Today an average person sees 6000 to 10,000 advertisements per day Planbuk is designed by a person like you who is tired of being bombarded with distractions and getting nothing in return.

Planbuk is a place where you can make plans to achieve your goals, seek help and guidance from the data of others that have come before and made similar plans and succeeded. No more cleverly placed non relevant advertisements. You have the option to opt into the advertisement program and you have the option to customise the sort of advertisements that you want to see. Oh, and that’s not all, in return for your attention; we’ll pay you for being a cog in our application. Let’s redesign the technological space to cater to each individual and ensure that we make the best out of our time.

I am a dreamer that has always wanted to be indifferent and as a result I walked an entirely different path opposed to my peers. As a result, I landed on the western shore all the way from the third world. I am a Master of Science and a huge advocate of science, out of all of the values that I hold dear is compassion.

I am a Mechanical Engineer working for a world leader in paper based packaging. After work, I dream about creating a world filled with tools and products that can help people improve their mental wellbeing and their self! In the world of Mechanical Engineering, it is all about making a product in the least amount of time possible, using the least amount of resources possible and making every process as efficient as innately possible. Having had this mindset for over 7 years now, I am looking to apply these principles on to an individual level in order to maximise a human being’s potential.

Through the UoB Elevate programme I am looking to meet like minded innovators who want to work towards the collective good of the global humankind.


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