Hex Mad is a board games startup founded by University of Birmingham Linguistics graduate Ian James. The business aims to create quick, easy to learn games that get people laughing while scratching that competitive itch. Hex Mad values inclusivity and environmental sustainability, and plans to give 10% of its profits to charity. 

Hex Mad Games is a start-up

Ian's story:

I've always loved tabletop games, and had found myself occasionally thinking up games I'd like to play only to find they didn't exist. So a few years ago I started making these ideas into prototypes, and it turned out some were actually pretty fun!

After hearing about the fantastic support UoB offers for graduate startups, I decided to form Hex Mad and begin the long process of developing one of these games into a finished product. I had the idea for this game – a kind of mashup between Cards Against Humanity and Scrabble – during my dissertation, and after a few months of hilarious playtests, decided to run with it as our first release. The game, Curse Words, takes about 15 minutes to play and supports 3-8 players aged 17+.

I’m really excited to get more people smiling and sharing in my passion for games. For more information, read the University of Birmingham Hex Mad blog or visit the website below.



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