HexMad is a tabletop games start-up created by University of Birmingham Linguistics graduate Ian James. The business aims to create fun, accessible tabletop games that do not take an age to set up, learn and play but nevertheless provide deep, exciting and strategic gameplay.

HexMad is based at UoB Elevate


Ian's story:

I've always loved board games, and had found myself occasionally thinking up games I'd like to play only to find they didn't seem to exist. So a few years ago I started making some of these ideas into prototypes, and found a few of them were actually quite fun! I'm now looking forward to releasing one of these via crowdfunding and sharing this fun with others.

I think the mutual support and camaraderie, expert training, and inspiring location provided by the UoB Elevate programme stand to offer me and my business a much increased potential for growth and success.

With this boost I hope to achieve a successful Kickstarter launch for our first game, and hopefully go on to release more games after that. 


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