MasterQ Ltd

MasterQ is an innovative web-based learning platform for students studying the STEM subjects.

The business was founded by Dr Diya Baker and Dr Jeevan Swamy to create an immersive learning experience for students of all abilities. Backed by the latest evidence-based learning theory we are committed to building the future of education.


The MasterQ story:

MasterQ was born out of the need to expand the availability of learning resources to all school students. Through our mutual backgrounds in medicine we have expended many years understanding the mechanism of learning with efficiency and proficiency to excel at academic examinations throughout our lives.

Diya: Amalgamating my time as an MBCHB (medical) student at the University of Birmingham, alongside the evidence based learning theory gained from my post graduate certificate in education, research and leadership from the University of Cambridge as well as my co-founder Dr Jeevan Swamy’s decade-long experience of tutoring Science and Mathematics based subjects (STEM) at GCSE and A-Level Proficiency we have understood that a combination of effective tools are required for effective learning. To harness this, we have understood that a key mechanism is through reinforcement of the topic understanding with nuanced high-yield questions alongside interactive illustrated examples – our “learning pages. At present we have produced over 5000 learning pages in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics and continuing to expand.

By approaching problems from a “first principles” approach students are taught new topics as well as reinforcing their school teaching. In short, Master Q is making learning easy. Our web-based approach allows for mobile studying, and through our algorithms we generate specifically personalised and detailed “logbooks” for students, parents and teachers of the various topic achievements as well as areas for improved understanding and growth.

In the last months, excitement in the region for the platform has grown, as we are seeing both student and school engagement and interest in accessing our product. At present we have developed the website capabilities for GCSE STEM and are in the process of expansion over the next 6 months, into the Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 content as well as making preparations for the AS, A-Level and University Admissions Examination packages.

Our philosophy and aim is to create MasterQ as a positive change for education, so that in time it may propel education in the UK and worldwide and so no child is left behind and all students can gain access to learning materials regardless of background or personal factors. We hope to collaborate with likeminded individuals and would welcome any contact with stakeholders who share our vision. “MasterQ – achieve you.”


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