Legacy Games

Legacy Games was founded by Tayyab Hussain and aims to offer a community driven ethical gaming experience focused on accessibility and fun for players. The first game being produced by Tayyab and the team is a medieval themed physical and online trading card game called Castle Wars.

Castle Wars is a game created by Legacy Games

Our story:

Trading card games have been incredibly popular over the last 20 years and with advancements in technology and connectivity, the number of potential players have never been higher. Unfortunately, due to awful decisions around pricing and game design, players of these games have become increasingly dissatisfied, me included. This is why I decided to create my own. Castle Wars aims to take a much more accessible and ethical approach to these kind of games. The game development process has been moving very quickly with the games mechanics fully designed, amazing artwork created and work on the online game moving smoothly.

The Exchange will give me a big opportunity to network with many others looking to kick-start their businesses as well as being able to help find opportunities to realise the potential the company has. I hope to make an impact on the market and encourage other trading card game start-ups to improve the way they do business and design their games.

One of our core values at Legacy Games is that we do not and will not ever go public or offer shares of the company in return for investment. This is because we believe this will hinder our ability to focus on creating games and therefore aim to take a more community driven approach.

We are looking to crowdfund for most of the funds required to create this game and we welcome interest from investors. We require £10,000 to fully launch both the physical and digital versions of the game.

I'm currently doing a Msc in Robotics. My passion for games extends outside of my business and love to stream regularly on twitch as well as compete in major tournaments all around the world. I am a top 50 Fighting Game player and currently play in an American League for the first person shooter Overwatch.



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