Natty Helmets

Blending safety with style to create high-end distinctive ski helmets.

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Founder(s) name: Sasha Bowen 

Company Name: Natty Helmets Sasha Bowen

Industry Sector: Retail | Sport | Fashion  

My Story: I am a fourth-year PhD student specialising in material engineering. This knowledge along with my passion for skiing and fashion, and the frustration about the lack of stylish ski helmets led me to create Natty Helmets – plus over a million TikTok views of my design helped too! 

Company Mission: Natty Helmets is on a mission to blend safety with style. It represents a line of stylish ski helmets that not only prioritise safety, but also boast distinctive and attention-grabbing designs. Operating as an e-commerce platform initially, we aim to provide high-end ski helmets inspired by the 18th-century word "Natty," signifying ingenuity, well-crafted items, and a fusion of style, intelligence, and fashion. 

Next Phase: Natty is working on brand awareness, connecting with businesses and influencers to promote the brand.

Get Involved: Natty is seeking support with connecting to luxury retailers to stock the helmets. 

Reach Out: To explore potential collaborations or to learn more about Natty Helmets, follow Natty on Instagram.

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