Our Tied Camel

Our Tied Camel is an interactive faith based productivity advice platform designed to help students and young professionals within the muslim community. It was co-founded by cousins, Alliyah and Amirah Khan. Alliyah is a final year law student at the University of Birmingham with previous business experience. Amirah is a psychology graduate with coding experience.

Our story:

This project is inspired by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who advised a man to tie his camel securely before trusting in God over its safety. A lesson to take away from this is we should fulfil acts to the best of our abilities before trusting in God over the outcome. We all face responsibilities in life which require us to tie our camel. This can often become overwhelming and as a result, many muslims struggle with fulfilling acts of worship around working life.

Our platform aims to combat this by integrating islamic productivity techniques via progress tracking and scheduling features to maximise efficiency, providing the tools to tie your camel.

To date, we have conducted market research and confirmed there is an interest in our platform. Consequently, we received £500 in start-up funding from UoB’s ideas fund and joined Elevate. Recently, we partnered with Charity Right, an international food charity, to raise money during Ramadan 2022.

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To interact with us and share your thoughts as we build the platform, follow us @ourtiedcamel on Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok. You can follow our journey by signing up to our mailing list via our website below.




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