Hazaar is a zero waste marketplace app for students created by University of Birmingham graduate Harriet Noy. Students can buy using the app and then meet in person to hand over items eliminating wasteful packaging. The start-up prides itself on being the UK's first zero waste marketplace and is available to university students throughout the UK.

Hazaar is a start-up based at The Exchange

Our story:

During my second year at university my friends and I found ourselves always amazon priming sports night costumes, when actually the sports night themes rotate around the different sports teams. This meant that what I needed was probably lying on someone elses bedroom floor never to be worn again. To solve this in January 2020 I launched Hazaar on facebook marketplace. The page hit 2,000 members in 24 hours. After speaking with friends at other unis and after much research I realised this wasn’t something just missing at UoB, but missing nationwide. So I decided to make an app that would give every uni their very own zero waste marketplace. Hazaar was formally founded in May 2020 then App development started in July 2020.

I am excited to tap into a network of alumni and other startup founders who have done what I’m doing will help steer my business in the right direction. I also feel that working alongside other fellow entrepreneurs will be the perfect environment for me to thrive. I love bouncing ideas off people and often find the best ideas materialise following inspiring conversations. Therefore, I think the atmosphere in the incubator will be one that inspires creativity and great ideas.

The app is launching at the University of Birmingham on the 1st of November. Download the app today:

Keep up with us on instagram at @justhazaar 

If you'd like to get in touch with me please feel free to email me on harriet@justhazaar.com or find me on Linkedin: Harriet Noy.



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