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Revolutionising the lodging experience for transient professionals.

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Founder(s) name: Jonathon Reynolds 

Company Name: Matched Stay Jonathon Reynolds

Industry Sector: Accommodation Services | Tech 

My Story: My degree in International Law and Globalisation, as well as past experiences led me to create Matched Stay. I want to transform the way project-based professionals find accommodation while on the move, disrupting this sector through innovative technology led solutions. 

Company Mission: To revolutionise the lodging experience for transient professionals by introducing dynamic bidding, tailored pricing, and streamlined bookings, creating unparalleled convenience and flexibility. 

Next Phase: We are working on launching an MVP app for a pilot. We want to secure investment for API development and expand partnerships, focusing on connections within the hotel industry, Airbnb hosts, and project-based professionals.  By developing a straightforward API that's both effective and cost-efficient, Matched Stay aims to enhance the platform's reach and efficiency. This API will be a powerful tool, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with trusted channel managers, creating a robust distribution conduit. This strategic partnership will empower us to disseminate bookings with ease and efficiency, ultimately connecting us to thousands of hosts from the outset. 

Get Involved: While we're in the early growth stage, our vision extends beyond our current means. We are actively seeking investment to bring our API vision to life and a mentor to guide us through this early stage. 

Reach Out: If you have expertise in API development and technology, we are eager to collaborate with you to bring our vision to life, and if you have contacts within the hotel industry or the Airbnb hosting community, your network could be invaluable to us. Join us on our journey to transform how project-based professionals find accommodation and help us usher in a new era of convenience and flexibility in the lodging industry. 

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Phone: 07530413742 


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