Emotion Dysregulation in Autism

A lived experience-led mental health charity.

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Founder(s) name: ZeZe Sohawon FRSA BCAh 

Company Name: Emotion Dysregulation Autism Zeze Sohawon

Industry sector: Mental Health | Social Impact | Wellbeing 

My story: Through my own lived experience of severe mental illness and autism, I began to become an ambassador and speaker in this area. Gaining recognition through multiple awards, including recognition in Parliament, I am building my charity to be the person for others that my past self-needed. 

Company Mission: Our mission is to support autistic young people aged 12-25 who are dealing with mental health challenges. Emotion Dysregulation in Autism (EDA) is a lived experience-led mental health charity that offers social action, campaigning opportunities and peer support with emotion regulation skills. 

Next phase: We are seeking additional financial investment to continue our work. We have already raised £75k and are now looking to secure an extra £25k to deliver our peer support program and social action activities. Our goal is to reach £150k by April 2024. 

Get Involved: We are looking for contacts interested in corporate social responsibility and potential donors. Your contribution, whether financial or through valuable connections with organisations corporate social responsibility funds, can play a pivotal role in our journey. 

Reach Out: Visit our website: emotiondysregautism.org or contact us directly via email at info@emotiondysregautism.org. Together, we can create a brighter future for autistic young individuals, empowering them to lead happier and healthier lives. 

Contact details 

Email: info@emotiondysregautism.org
LinkedIn: ZeZe Sohawon's LinkedIn profile
Twitter: @EDysregAutism



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