NovNat Tech

NovNat Tech is a start-up business which aims to bring a solution to help address water scarcity. The innovative business idea is the result of the founders’ own struggles living in water scarce areas, which instigated their mission to develop atmospheric water generation technology as a means of reducing the reliance on municipal water. 

NovNat Tech's story:

Water. Without it, life would cease to exist. Yet, according to the UN, half of the world's population could be living in water scarce areas by as early as 2025 due to increasing demand and depletion of freshwater sources. A major contributor to this demand is industrial use, accounting for 40% of total water abstractions globally. Additionally, many international companies have manufacturing facilities functioning in regions experiencing some level of water scarcity, with over 66% of companies now reporting exposure to water risks. This has resulted in many corporations such as PepsiCo, BP, Microsoft and Google, to make strong commitments to become water neutral and/or positive (meaning they produce more water than they consume) by as early as 2030.   

Introducing NovNat Tech, a company established to provide 'Novel solutions for Nature'. We develop and deliver complete AWG systems that have shown breakthrough performance in producing water from air. The novel system is capable of significantly reducing energy demand required to produce water compared to current AWG technologies and produces water through utilising the user’s waste heat. Water harvesting could be a major global market, essentially creating water from heat and so typically co-locating supply and demand in industry, agriculture and domestic use.  Consequently, we are currently developing the core technologies that can be applied in various applications including industrial-scale AWG, on-vehicle AWG as well as dehumidifier applications. The current focus is to implement the system in industrial processes helping companies reduce their reliance on municipal water, thereby, reducing the strain on local communities experiencing water scarcity. We are currently developing the second iteration of our core technology which is funded by Innovate UK. 

By taking part in the UoB Elevate incubator we hope to learn and develop our business knowledge and leverage it to accelerate the growth of our business. This programme will also give us access to an excellent network of fellow founders, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and advisors, all of whom will help and guide us through this exciting journey.



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