Kroquet Club

Kroquet Club is a start-up created by Molly Reilly which brings a modern twist to the traditional sport of croquet. 'Think drinking, street food and fancy dress all against the backdrop of competitive team croquet'.

Molly Reilly founded start-up business Kroquet Club

Molly's story:

I was inspired by playing croquet with my boyfriend's grandparents on holiday. It really is a lot of fun! To date I have mostly been working on ideation, branding and market research.

I would like to gain the confidence to get my idea off the ground. It would be great to learn from other entrepreneurs and see what they have done to make their business a success. My future aspirations include running some pop up events and even possibly a permanent venue.

I am currently looking for a few thousand pounds of investment funding, largely for equipment purchase but I would also put some of the funding into advertising.

I love to write, I am an avid blogger and I have a lifestyle blog which tends to feature a lot of food! I'm also an amateur photographer so give me a shout for all your photography needs! Despite disliking sport for my entire life I have recently taken up lacrosse and its been good fun! I've been doing it for about a year now and I'm now the secretary for the local club! 


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