Honeybell Games

Honeybell Games are an Indie Games development company that aims to bring the best innovations to competitive online multiplayer games. The business has been founded by UoB Computer Science graduate Stanimir Velichkov who has been developing games for market.

Prison Troubles is an example of a computer game created by Honeybell Games

Stanimir's story:

The Game Industry and NFT use have quickly become one of the main drivers of blockchain adoption among the public. Many giants of the gaming world have understood this well and are investing colossal sums in the development of video games based on blockchain or features taking advantage of this technology. From now and for years to come, blockchain and its countless possibilities promise to invade the daily lives of gamers. The introduction of Web3, NFTs, and GameFi provides the opportunity to innovate and provide new ways for players to interact, play and earn within the fighting game genre.

Our goal at Honeybell Games is to build an integrated digital platform of 'tokenised prisoners' that appeals to the average consumers as they can play games and make a profit thanks to blockchain technology. We found a way to combine the blockchain-based gaming world with NFT in a next-generation concept and created a digital platform universe of unique digital characters. Diving into the world’s most dangerous prison, players in Prison Troubles can experience a fun and entertaining way of life behind bars while participating in exciting combat-based competitions.

Prison Troubles stimulates the fair play and provides a new monetisation plan to award players in the Metaverse, we like to call the 'Troubleverse'. On the other hand, since NFTs enable artists to democratise their works, there has been a surge in using them to promote digital art which has long been undervalued. The lack of representation of women in NFT and blockchain has started to occupy the agenda of mission driven artists as NFT's potential to transform the art world and the imminent Web 3.0 becomes increasingly important.

As a result of these conversations, some female artists have begun to strategically take up their space with different initiatives and projects in a male dominated market. Women Rise and World of Women (WoW) are two separate art projects aimed at diversifying and balancing the NFT field. They put emphasis on increasing the representation of women while empowering them to participate in blockchain and NFT space by using the tools of Web 3.0 to challenge gender biases and decentralise power structures.

Following this example, with Prison Troubles we aim to balance the gender ratio on the gaming market by introducing limited collections of NFTs and encourage more women to evaluate the economy of Prison Troubles. If you would like to learn more about our project and cannot wait to join in the 'Troubleverse' and become one of the first rightful owners of a unique prisoner please visit our website using the link below.

If you want to contact us, please, do not hesitate to send us an email at honeybellgames@gmail.com


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