Schoolwest Education

Schoolwest Education is a premium education consulting company for international parents created by Hyunkyung Park.

We help them to find, apply and prepare for UK private school entrance with ease. Based on the comprehensive UK education database and the founders’ deep knowledge in this sector, we are here to help them. 

With our service, international Parents are empowered to choose prestigious UK private schools and to successfully navigate the complex admission journey. Schoolwest Education offers transparent school comparison without any bias. Often international parents struggle to find information about schools and end up in choosing not ideal schools for their children. We tackle this issue by offering a trustworthy and professional service.

In order to be ready for competitive private school exams, Schoolwest Education assesses students’ academic ability through comprehensive mock-tests which enables us to prepare the students for target school exams. Additionally we offer a premium online tutoring service specifically focusing on the entrance exams as well as GCSE/A-level revisions. Our tutoring is provided by highly experienced and qualified British teachers that offer personalized coaching to meet an individual student's learning goal. BritSchool4U is here to fill the education gap caused by COVID-19’s disruption to learning by offering the best online tutoring service, helping children catch up on lost learning and reach their potential.


Hyunkyung's story:

I am a passionate international parent with three children who recently obtained an MBA degree with distinction in University of Birmingham. 

I graduated from Seoul National University with a BA and Master’s degree in South Korea. Upon completion of my academic studies, I settled and worked within the healthcare industry. I developed my professional experience at two of the leading global healthcare companies (Top 5) and had risen to Director level with international roles and responsibilities, including Asia-Pacific Marketing Lead.

Hyunkjung Park is the founder of Britschool4U

Based on my own experience, my children’s personal development and growth, I have always held a strong belief in gaining a good education, especially one offered by the UK. I am therefore passionate about introducing the best UK private schools to international parents. If you would like to get in touch with me, please connect with me on Linkedin.

Linkedin: Hyunkyung Park's LinkedIn profile 



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