Maze is an all-in-one digital platform that streamlines the relocation process. Whether it's the first international move or sixth, relocating is still a time-consuming and administrative challenge. Our services are designed to create a seamless transition for anyone moving from their home country to settle in the UK.

Maze is a start-up business based at The Exchange

Maze unites all stakeholders in the relocation process and offers a flexible and intuitive digital solution. The all-in-one platform enables a relocating user to organise and plan their move with access to services and support from orientation, home search, banking, registrations, utilities-setup, social integration.

The combination of technology and human expertise saves up to 33% of time, with results potentially as much as two to three times faster than traditional relocation agencies, at an affordable price. Thus reducing cost, stress and enabling the personalisation of customer journeys.

Our website is live for users to join the waitlist. We’re keeping tabs on our first 100 early champions with access to an invite-only product demo.

Early adopters will also receive exclusive Maze discounts from our partner companies when we launch. Potential partners can submit a request via our contact form.

The team:

Juliet is a Lawyer and Product Strategist. Her experience spans across law, business strategy and content design, particularly solving everyday problems with technology. She’s in charge of product development and is currently building the MVP using no-code tools.

Sarah is a Legal professional with experience leading tech-driven initiatives. She is leveraging her project management expertise to handle operations and execute a scalable growth strategy.

Winner has experience in business development with a focus on media marketing campaigns. She handles brand management, marketing and promotion. Her background is in International Migration and is interested in newcomer integration policies.



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