OceanBound is a circular fashion start-up created by Geography graduate Bill Cann, which aims to tackle a global plastic waste problem within the fashion industry. The business idea was entered into the Ingenuity Challenge 2021 and reached the grand final of the national competition under the Climate category.

Bill's story:

I wanted a new pair of sliders but couldn’t find a pair I wanted so decided to design my own with the aspect of sustainability at the core.

OceanBound is a fashion brand focusing on producing clothing within a circular economy. We are anti fast-fashion and want to raise awareness at how the clothing you wear contributes to the world's second biggest contributor to CO2 emissions, the fashion industry. 

We are starting by creating sliders made from reclaimed ocean and landfill plastics, which can last for years, and once they have reached the end of their product lifespan, you can return the damaged goods so the materials can be reused into new items, meaning that we are not adding even more plastic waste into the already damaged ecosystems.

We plan to build the MVP that will be showcased at expos and towards retailers. We are currently looking for investment of £15,000 - £20,000. 


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