A creative hub where artistic visions come to life. HXCIX Studio Crop

Founder(s) name: Harmanpreet Kaur 

Harmanpreet Kaur

Company Name: HXCIX 

Industry Sector: Graphic Design Services 

My Story: HXCIX originated from deep-rooted passion for various forms of art. Following my graduation from the University of Birmingham, I embarked on a creative journey, establishing a service-based business that caters to customers seeking commissioned artwork and graphic design services.  

Company Mission: Our mission at HXCIX is to serve as a creative hub where artistic visions come to life. We provide commissioned artwork, including book covers, music album covers, logo designs, and more. We believe in fostering a community around art and personal development, encouraging creative exploration, and supporting fellow enthusiasts on their artistic journey. 

Next Phase: As we move forward, our focus is on expanding our creative horizons. We aim to grow our HXCIX YouTube channel and further engage with our community of followers. The next step is to offer unique branded creations. 

Get Involved: Collaborate with us for commissioned artwork, follow our YouTube channel to join our creative community, and stay tuned for the launch of our branded merchandise. 

Reach Out: For enquiries, collaborations, or to simply be part of our creative journey, you can reach out to us through our YouTube channel and stay updated with our latest updates and offerings. 

Contact Details:  

LinkedIn: Harmanpreet Kaur LinkedIn Profile 

Email: hxcixstudio@gmail.com 





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