Interlink Laboratories

Democratising satellite building for the next generation of aerospace professionals. 

Interlink Laboraties

Founder(s) name: Joseph McLaughlin, Dimitar Ferdinandov, Jack Griffiths, Dmitry Sorokhtin

Company Name: Interlink Laboratories Interlink Laboratories

Industry Sector: EdTech | Aerospace 

Our Story: We are Interlink Laboratories, an idea brought together by four passionate individuals comprised of aerospace and computer science students.  We joined forces to bridge the technical knowledge gap between graduation and employment in the aerospace industry. 

Company Mission: At Interlink Laboratories, we are on a mission to democratise satellite building for the next generation of aerospace professionals. We create educational content focused on satellite design and production, empowering students with the expertise required to excel in the aerospace industry. 

Our Next Phase: We are currently in the pre-seed stage, actively refining our educational course and developing a sales strategy for our upcoming launch. 

Get Involved: We are actively seeking industry contacts and pre-seed investment to fuel our mission of preparing the next generation of aerospace experts. 

Reach Out: To explore potential collaborations and to learn more about Interlink Laboratories, you can connect with us on Instagram: @interlink_labs

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