Louis Akaatenger graduated in 2022 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham and he is the founder of emerging tech start-up business Maringo. Maringo is a new social ecosystem for digital creatives using Web3 technology, allowing users to interact, share and earn through gamification.

Louis Akaatenger is founder of Maringo


Louis' Story:

For a while now, I believe there has been quite a bad issue with the exploitation of users' data by these large social media platforms selling it to advertisers. Whilst the users and content creatives alike don't get adequate compensation for their content or social engagement. The next generation web brings about new technologies and infrastructure that allow users to take control back of their data. This is where the idea for Maringo was founded, a combination of my passion for better compensation for digital creatives as well as giving the power back to the users, to be able to own and define their social experience. Currently, we are in the early stages of the development of our platform ecosystem. We have launched our landing page, which provides details of what the Maringo project is about, and allows enthusiasts to sign up to be part of our early access users. We are continuing work on our product now as well as our marketing campaigns to raise awareness of our project, in preparation for our MVP release.

I would greatly love to get and acquire more business management skills that pertain to getting a better understanding of legal processes. Being in a network of experienced entrepreneurs and mentors is an invaluable opportunity. After partaking in a few of the incubator-run events already, I can definitely see results that will ultimately benefit my business. I believe the incubator also provides resources and a workspace which will be of great use to me. I hope to utilize the opportunity to the fullest, learn as much as I can, and also partake in as many events to build my network.

We are currently looking for early-stage angel investors. Over the next year, our primary focus is to develop our platform and conduct marketing campaigns. We are looking to raise £1.2 million worth of early-stage investment to allow us to successfully complete the development and carry out our marketing campaigns. Aside from financial investment, we are also looking for investors who can provide strategic partnerships with benefits and experience. More detailed information can be provided on request.



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