InStudents is a start-up business created by University of Birmingham Management graduate Kritesh Bisht. The business allows international students to make a sound decision while selecting an institution in the UK to study at by providing them with relevant information. It also allows them to connect and communicate with students already studying in the UK and ask questions that are crucial for them to make their decision.

Kritesh Bisht is an entrepreneur based at The Exchange


Kritesh's story:

As an international student, I know how difficult and exhausting the process of applying to universities in the UK is. It is difficult to get relevant information from sources that you can trust. I had a lot of difficulties finding the right source of unbiased information. For international students, studying in the UK is a monumental decision. InStudents is going to improve a student’s UK education experience by ensuring they have enough information to make the right decision. I am still at an early stage and am researching the content and its delivery.

I am an international student who is here in the UK for the first time. I might have experience running my own company, but I do not have experience running my own company in the UK. I am relatively new to the country and do not have ample knowledge of how things work here. Finding the right guidance is crucial at this moment as it will shape the future of the company and, in a way, it will shape my future as well. I feel I am going to get that support on the UoB Elevate programme. As InStudents will be operating in the sector of higher education, it makes sense to be incubated at one of the top universities in the UK. It will add credibility to the brand. I am passionate about the education sector and feel good quality education can help people and communities grow. I want to remove the stigma and barriers that are attached to studying abroad and help students in tier-3 and rural India realise that it is an option that can be considered.

As the company grows I will be looking for an investment of £7,000 - £10,000 which will be required to pay employees and ambassadors, create an app, improve the production quality of the content, set up the back-end on a cloud server, and leverage social media to expand (phase 2). 


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