Raroid is an online rare plant shop dedicated to importing and selling high-value luxury plants known as aroids. These plants are in high demand and have been growing in popularity in recent years. The business was created by Eniola Odurinde.

Raroid is a start-up business based at The Exchange

Eniola's story:

I started out as a rare plant consumer before realising that it is very difficult to acquire many rare plants within the UK and that importing from abroad is usually not feasible for retail customers. This gap in the market inspired me to start Raroid when I realised that I could put my knowledge and passion to use while making money. Although my business is in a niche market, the demand for ultra rare plants exceeds the supply, especially in recent years where the popularity of rare plants such as the Instagram-famous variegated monstera has grown exponentially, fuelled by Instagram, Youtube and the pandemic.

I import plants from South America and East Asia, they are then acclimated and prepared for sale to customers or propagated to produce more plants. My mission is to provide customers with a convenient service that delivers beautiful, healthy rare plants right to their doorstep.



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