Roadmapp is an emerging start-up created by co-founders Ibraahiem Muhumed and Rasched Haidari. The entrepreneurial duo are currently developing an online platform designed to help students develop skills and apply for jobs.

Ibraahiem and Rasched's story:

Companies can curate and personalise a study roadmap via click and drop, using our content and courses based on their needs. Students taking our courses can see their compatibility score in relation to different companies as they progress with courses they decide to take.

We realised that employers often struggle to get students with the right technical skills. From our own experiences, we also realised that students who self-learn to code often do not have visibility on what courses to take to give them the best shot at getting a software engineer job. A platform where a student can see their skills compatibility with different companies as they progress with courses seemed like a way of solving the above problems.

We look forward to working on our MVP and would love support from the mentors and the UoB Elevate team at The Exchange. We are super early and understand there may be some pivots, so keen to spark conversations with the mentors. We also very much look forward to networking with other founders on the program. We will need to raise a pre-seed to start creating content for the courses.


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