Rumah Seni

Rumah Seni stands as a digital platform with one clear focus: to showcase individuals, media and current events that are often taken away from the spotlight. In doing so, the team hope to create a stage in which diversity and love are uplifted and celebrated. We have plans to create a physical space in which we can take in young creatives to help produce and showcase their art to an audience that appreciates them. The core team of Rumah Seni includes founder Farhan Muhammad and Ahmed Fawzy.

Rumah Seni is a media start-up

Farhan's story:

We love creativity and feel as if it is pushed to the side for more practical skills in marginalised areas. We want to be able to promote and work with individuals to grow their ideas. Since September 2020, we’ve launched a complete redesign of the website as well as legitimising our mission statement and the values we aim to promote. We have managed to work with just over 15 artists - the majority of which were from Birmingham. We have also networked and helped promote projects from The GAP Arts Project in Moseley as well as the Birmingham Young Filmmakers Network.

With the mentorship and space that The Exchange can offer, I am confident that Rumah Seni can grow exponentially. I would like to see us hold multiple social events in the year all for the betterment of the community. This would not be possible without first expanding our team to incorporate expertise across various other fields. I am also confident that we would be able to nurture a growing network to incorporate strong community leaders to help spread the word to increase our brand recognisability with intent to grow outside of Birmingham.

We are open to obtaining funding, grants, and bids to help cover equipment costs. If investors are interested, we are estimating that £10k - £15k should cover and help set up our initial projects and social events in the first year.

I graduated as a Geography BSc student and moved into the marketing field as an intern to help learn the skills necessary to promote my business. 



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