UK Rush Productions

UK Rush Productions is a digital communication company who provide cutting edge video content for businesses. The business was created by founders, Qingyun Li and Junyi Gong and the duo have previously worked on projects with recognisable brands both in the UK and internationally.

UK Rush Productions are based at The Exchange

Our story:

We regard digital video as an important part of integrated media activities, aiming to support our client to a more international platform and turn our customers into thought leaders in their fields. We specialise in creating cutting-edge video content and got started when our local fire station asked us to come up with a series of short videos to feed their social media back in 2017. Our focus is on corporate clients to help them bridge the gap between the UK (or the English speaking world) and the others, in specialist sectors including technology, research and education, and manufacturing, and other third industry. Clients include Ogilvy, Tencent, Huawei, Tomato English, Ort Gallery, World Retail Congress, and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. We are based in Birmingham, while our work often takes us further, including the rest of the UK and worldwide. We combine creativity with professionalism and consistently focus on achieving customer goals.

We welcome investment opportunities and we are looking for £20,000 investment for upgrading our kits and building a film studio.



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