ukrabbit Ltd

UKRabbit Ltd is a start-up business founded by Human Resource Management graduate Bella (Jinjie) Hu.

UKRabbit is a marketing and travel agency

Bella's story:

When students first arrive in the United Kingdom, they will generally feel unsure of their surroundings and often tired after a long flight. UKRabbit aims to soften your landing and make settling into your new surrounding as comfortable and stress free as possible. 

I remember arriving in the UK for the first time and having experienced this journey as a new student I wanted to make the process easier for others. UKRabbit provides support from the start of that journey as we oversee travel arrangements, provide transport from the airport to your accommodation and ensuring that essential goods like bedding and toiletries are ready and waiting at your final destination. We can also provide you with contacts to others on similar journeys via our forum.

UKRabbit works with many UK brands and businesses to find the right support for you and to ease the stress of settling into a new location. I studied at the University of Birmingham in 2017, and my time there was the happiest of my life. However, like many students arriving in the UK, I met some hurdles from the start such as being unsure of going out in a foreign country alone and being initially confused about where and how to buy necessities. 

With these experiences in mind, when I had finished my studies I had a real interest in recording videos. I went back to China and started to share my experience of living in the UK via video recordings which I love to make. Today I am back in the UK having founded my business, UKRabbit Ltd where I now have over 400,000 followers on my Tik Tok channel.

Birmingham is the second largest city in England and has many international students both at this university and at other major educational facilities close by.  I am looking for more investment to accelerate the business, develop our customer service and marketing model and further explore international markets.


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