ukrabbit Ltd

ukrabbit Ltd is a start-up business created by University of Birmingham graduate Jinjie Hu. The business aims to help International students in the UK providing a welcome service and marketing service for trusted operators.

ukrabbit is a start-up based at The Exchange

Jinjie's story:

When the students first come to a foreign country, they will feel unfamiliar and exhausted after a long flight journey. The platform aims to help them arrange everything before they travel. Like a butler for your studying abroad. On the website, you can find an economical car company to pick you up from the airport, you can buy some necessary goods in one package for your apartment and book a delivery date before you come to the country. And when you feel lonely, you can find some friends to travel together on the forum of the platform. So, the business will cooperate with many local brands and businesses and do marketing for them. So, from this point, the business is also a marketing agency.

I studied at the University of Birmingham in 2017, and my time there was the happiest of my life. I also met some hurdles such as being afraid of going to a foreign country alone and being confused about which shop to buy necessities. I have a massive interest in taking videos, so when I finished my study, I came back to China, starting to share my experience of living in the UK after 3 years and I got 300,000 students follow my channel. I got many questions about how to study and live in another country so I realised this could grow into a business. Birmingham is the second largest city with international students; there are many educational universities close by. I am looking for more investment to accelerate the business, develop our customer service and marketing model and further explore international markets.


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